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Heineken Kinsale 7s

29th & 30th April 2023

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You may enter a team by completing the team entry form.

A team or squad will consist of 12 players plus 1 manager, previously it was 10 in a squad. The cost to enter a team is €500. In sevens, at any time there are 7 players on the pitch, and with a squad of 12 this means you have maximum of 5 substitutes.

The rules around substituting players can be found in our Tournament Rules. Please do not attempt to bring more than 12 players in your squad . Of course, you may enter multiple teams if you wish on payment of the appropriate entry fees. Your team entry fee provides for entry to the competition for all squad members, free lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and entry into your desired competition

Competition structure, and the number of games your team will play,  will depend on number of teams entered. See Competitions & Prizes for more details.

So you should choose the competition you wish to enter, complete the entry form and enter your credit card details on our EventBrite page. Entry into your desired competition is not confirmed until we have both received and processed your payment, which may take a few days. An email will be sent confirming these actions.

As we approach the beginning of April we will draw the competitions, and as we are limited by both time and pitch space, this will gauge how many teams we can accept into each of the competitions. It is not ‘marketing hype’ when we say that all competitions fill up during the first week or two of April. We always have disappointed teams who have left it too late to enter, and it’s not a good conversation to have to a team who may have booked their travel and accommodation that their competition is full. So please, it helps you and it helps us to enter and pay your team fee before the end of March. This will typically guarantee a place in your desired competition.

If you have any questions we are here to help. Contact Us Here.

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